Hi guys! My name is Mallory (if you couldn’t tell by the name of the blog) and this is my shiny new South Florida based Lifestyle Blog. After nearly 10 years of blogging my way through San Francisco, Las Vegas and now Miami, I decided to combine all my separate efforts into one place. I used to have a food blog, fashion blog, and a travel blog… now you’ll find everything here. I’m a Wynwood advocate, huge foodie, and perpetual weekend traveler. I hope you enjoy everything you read here on my blog!

Currently: Living in Miami with my husband James and our girls Bo (black lab) Khloe (torti cat) and Valentine (tuxedo cat). I work at Creative Marketing Agency in Wynwood, and also own and operate two companies called Rove Jewelry and Collars4Change.

About Me: Animal, wine, jewelry and music enthusiast, addicted to eating out and traveling as much as possible. On a mission to grow my personal brand and expand into as many new areas as possible in 2017. I grew up in Burlington Vermont and have also lived in San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

Specialties: Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Branding, Photography.

Favorite Things: My girls, Law & Order, Nachos, Key West, Matte Green, and the smell of Sandalwood.

Let’s Collab! Reach out to me here or find me on Instagram!