Embracing Those Monday Blues

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Happy Monday guys! I’m back today to share some thoughts with you on everybodys least favorite day of the week. I know I start a lot of posts like this but once again… as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to see things in a different like. Particularly Monday! Monday used to be a day of the week I would dread. It meant the end to the weekend and the floodgates for another week full of stressful activities, work, plans etc. About 2 years ago however I decided to stop feeling like this.

After leaving San Francisco, a place that kept me smiling and busy as heck for almost 7 years, I was ready to ¬†finally get my life organized. That’s not to say I wasn’t always organized, but I knew there was a way for me to maximize my potential every day in a better way. I wanted to get more done, spend more time doing the things I loved, and be happier while doing so. Ergo, Monday. This has become the most important day of the week for me, believe it or not. I find that if I really set my self up well on Monday, the rest of my will turn out so much better. Here are a few tips that you can embrace to help yourself get your week started amazingly as well!

  1. Plan out your week – I know this may seem tedious, but let me tell you. It makes a world of difference. We all have those mental checklists in our heads, but usually how that turns out is you start the week with this motivation to get through the list and before you know it it’s Thursday and you’re at happy hour and you haven’t even cracked the surface of that list.
  2. Get rid of the checklist – Even better than planning out your week is getting rid of that checklist. Unless you are writing down timeframes next to every line on your list, it gives you an open ended and forever growing list of stuff to get done. Use a planner, print out a monthly calendar, or even better – sync yourself up and use the Gmail or Apple Calendar that way you will have the info with you everywhere you go.
  3. Prioritize your tasks – This may seem very marketing company-ish to say, but it seriously works. If you have 3 main things to get done in a week, a trip to the post office, a blog post to complete, and a few orders to ¬†package – prioritize them. Tackle at least one thing per day and don’t let more than 2-3 days go by without completing one of your big ticket items for the week.

The more I write down, the more I realize this really all comes down to planning. You are capable of doing a much larger amount of things in a day then you realize. When you plan your day (seriously from start to finish) you’ll be able to see how much more time you’re able to utilize. It’s truly an awesome feeling. Once you get in a great routine you’ll find yourself getting to Wednesday and either all or a majority of your stress related tasks for the week have been completed. And if they haven’t, chances are you’ve organized your week to this point where you know on Saturday that last big thing has to get done, but you know you’ll have the time to do it. That’s the breakthrough moment right there. The more you plan, the less you procrastinate, and the less stress you will feel. You’ll start to look forward to Monday just like I do! Errands will make you feel accomplished, and you’ll look forward to those bigger projects that used to bring you so much stress.

So this afternoon, give it a try. Write out your list for the week, and translate it into an action plan. Print out the schedule of classes at you gym and hang it on your wall, print out a list of recipes you’ve been waiting to try and hang it on your fridge. Write out all your campaigns for the entire month, and assign them all due dates. Choose one thing to get done each day and just do it. You’ve got the time and you’ll get better and better at using your time as you go!

Got some Monday tips to share with me? I would LOVE to hear them! Leave me a comment here on the blog or find me on Facebook or Instagram. xx

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