Fall Ready with Wines of Garnacha/Grenache

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For those of you who know me personally (or even follow me on Instagram), you know what a HUGE wine lover I am. I spent the majority of my 20’s on Napas doorstep and am happy to say that I took full advantage of everything that incredible part of our country has to offer. In the past I’ve had the pleasure of introducing you to a few different new wineries and vintages, and today I’m excited to announce that I’m here to do that again!

Wines of Garnache/Grenache are the topic of discussion today. I will admit, this was uncharted territory for me as far as wines go. Which made it all the more exciting! Garnache/Grenache is the grape you never knew you knew. These French and Spanish Garnacha/Grenache varietals were fun to get to know and I’ll definitely be seeking out more of them now that I know what to look for. I started with the 4 selections above, which ranged from red, white and rose. To go along with our tasting adventure we also decided on a makeshift penne dish that ended up with sautéed spinach, andouille sausage, garlic chips, and shaved parmesan.

European quality Garnacha/Grenache wines are not typically paired with any specific type of cuisine or dish. Just because they have such an incredible range of grapes and flavors. The grapes are grown in various regions througout Spain and France, and truly encompass the European Union’s quality standards and Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Over the next week I’ll be sharing a look at a few more pairings we came up with to really highlight each of these fantastic wines. In the mood to try this out yourself? Here’s a quick pairing overview that will help!

  • Red Varietal — Light: poultry or pork, salmon or trout, barbecue foods.
  • Red Varietal — Full-Bodied: meats, grilled foods, memorable meals.
  • Red Blend — Light: grilled foods, works both with meat & fish.
  • Red Blend — Full-Bodied:  grilled foods, spicy, flavored foods, slow‐cooked Daubes, Boeuf Bourguignon, lamb shoulder, game. Spices: thyme, tarragon, garlic, chives & fennel.
  • White/Blanc/Gris: summer truffles, salad, barbecue, white fish with lemon, Al fresco dining.
  • Rosé (Dry): versatile with food: salads, including raw tomatoes, vinaigrettes; fish: especially salmon, and seafood; light meats: paprika‐spiced chorizo; particularly good with spicy, Thai, Vietnamese & Chinese food.
  • Fortified Garnacha/Grenache —- White: exotic salad, avocado with shrimp, pizzas with cream and 3 cheeses, blue cheese.
  • Fortified Garnacha/Grenache — Fruity — Red: roasted black fruits with dark chocolate, blue cheese.
  • Fortified Garnacha/Grenache —- Oxidized White, Amber: foie gras, tendorii, Beijing duck, tajines, goat cheese, dry and blue cheese, sesame ice cream, nougatine.
  • Fortified Garnacha/Grenache — Oxidized — Red Tawny: rabbit terrine with onion marmalade, roasted figs, dried fruits, roasted or caramelized almonds/nuts.
  • Rancio Garnacha/Grenache — Amber mainly: salty anchovies, morels, truffle, salty ham, dry cheese, dried fruits.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram also for a behind the scenes look at the first sip of each bottle in my Instagram Stories and if you do try any of these wines out make sure to let me know! I would love to know what you think about each varietal 🙂



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