Introducing The Middle Series with Who What Wear for Target!

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Happy Tuesday guys! For those of you who follow me on social media, I’m excited to announce that the big day has finally arrived. I’ve been talking for a while now about my new blog series, and I am so happy to finally have things ready to share. The Middle as I’ve decided to call it, will be a fashion based series for all the girls out there who are stuck in the middle. What do I consider the middle? Let me break it down for you.

The middle in it’s most basic form is a range of sizes from around an 8/10 to a 14/16. Girls in this range know exactly what I’m going for here. You might find a few pieces here and there at the basic mall stores like Gap or Express that fit, yet you’re not quite ‘plus size’ enough to fully outfit yourself in stores like Torrid or Lane Bryant. Now don’t get me wrong, the plus size collections and stores out there are absolutely killing it. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in fashion over the past few years. But unfortunately when you live in the middle, it takes a lot of extra time to canvas all the mall stores/brands to see what pieces run large enough to work for you or on the flip size, what pieces run small enough at the plus size stores.

So here we are! I am happy to announce that starting today, I’ll be helping you do that work. I’ll be finding what designers, collections, brands and stores carry the best pieces for the middle sizes. Let’s get started! First up is the new Who What Wear Collection for Target. I have to admit, the first few times I walked by this section in the store I didn’t end up grabbing anything. That is, until I saw this dress! If you know me then you know I am such sucker for a good floral dress that I can wear with boots and leggings. If you had to describe a ‘Mallory uniform’ it would be that, along with my standard counterpart of black denim and a black top. While this collection does offer a plus size extension (x – 4x online) I found that surprisingly a L and XL in store fit perfectly fine. Check out the look below!

This super cute tie front dress is short, but just for some context with the photos I’m 5’9 so everything is short on me. Overall I loved how flowy the material is and the sheer sleeves are just a dream. I’ll be donning this exact look for Thanksgiving later this week!

Ok so here’s a bit more good news. You can shop my exact look using the links below. Plus make sure to stay tuned for all the upcoming posts and let me know if there is any type of outfit or item you’re on the hunt for. I can’t wait to hear all your comments and feedback. Make sure to keep updated by following me on Instagram and here on the blog!

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  1. Your top is so cute and you look amazing! I am glad you are featuring a series like this..! Although I am not in this is so needed, because the average woman is a size 12 and all the retailers seem to cater to smaller sizes. And I LOVE anything target style!


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