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Hi guys! I’m excited to share a fun new partnership with you all this week. If you’ve been following my blog over the years, you know that I used to write a lot about jewelry. In fact there was a time when I had a whole separate blog dedicated to fun and unique jewelry designers and collections! I’ve shifted more to food and travel over the years, but I definitely still love all things jewelry.

So today I’m excited to share my partnership with Rocksbox! You may remember me posting about this awesome San Francisco based company years ago. And by years I mean…. 2012ish? Yes, I have been a fan for that long. In fact the necklace above looks just like one of the first ones I ever received! Here’s how Rocksbox works –

  1. Create your Style Profile! This part is fun. You get the option to select as many, or as little amounts of designers, style inspiration, jewelry items, metals, gemstones etc. you name it. This helps the Rocksbox team determine what items to send your way each month!
  2. Check the Mail – Your box will arrive shortly! Each month (for just $21) the Rocksbox style team will send 3 awesome pieces of jewelry your way.
  3. Look Fab! – You can wear them anywhere and everywhere, and when you’re ready for the next box just send the unwanted items back and even better – keep the ones you want and apply that $21 as a credit!

I can honestly say that more than half the items I’ve received I wanted to keep. This is such an awesome way to discover new designers and styles you might not have found or even thought to try on at a store. It’s a great way to expand your style and it’s always so nice to have a little extra something special to wear on your next date night! Ok now for the good part. You can try out Rocksbox free with the code – TRYRBXOXO. That’s right! Get your first month free with that code, and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@mallorymitchell) when your box arrives and you post a pic!



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